“Opening” Day

I never said that I was the “sharpest tool in the shed” but I do care about ALL people, my small business that I need to take care of and its 24 emplyees. I own a “HANDS ON/IN EVERYTHING” SMALL business and rely on customers to physically be there to purchase our goods. It would be nice if I could mix a recipe of doughnuts, roll them out, cut them, fry them, glaze them and then push a magic button to send to the doughnut to the customer through the air or over wires and collect the money for the doughnut. Sadley at the present time I can not be Willie Wonka! I cannot make my doughnuts magically fly through the air to get to a customer that would like to enjoy a fresh, hot doughnut today from Mamie’s! They have to come buy it at Mamie’s.

Here we go……
The first dine-in customers are here!

All of here at Mamie’s will do the best we can to make this transition a positive one. Concerned about lines of people?
As YOU walk up to the entrance door here at Mamie’s, take a few moments to survey the inside activity. If there are more than 10 customers inside, please wait until a few leave. 

Welcome back!  
Awarding winning food and baked goods located in the heart of “little old” Martinsburg, Pa.