As of right now, nothing is going to change at Mamie’s except we will pack your order in to-go boxes for you to have a picnic breakfast, lunch or coffee and doughnuts in a beautiful REMOTE location in our cove area or at your home. By nature, we are a great area to social distance yourself and your family. Only the DINE-IN part of Mamie’s is affected. The bakery will still be open for a variety of baked goods but we will have them pre-packaged or pack them up for you.

As we were researching what other cafe and bakeries were doing in response to the health crisis, we discovered a statement from Montclair Bread Co. and we could not have said it any better ourselves…….
“We are STILL in this together.
We’re just going to stand a little further apart.”

We will limit the number of customers in Mamie’s cafe, please use your best judgment. If you look in the large windows and you feel like there are too many people to allow the recommended 6 foot social distancing, wait for some people to leave.

We STRONGLY encourage you to place your orders ahead or you may continue to come in and order to-go. If you prefer curb service, we will be glad to bring the food to your car.

This could all change very quickly, we are getting the same information that you are. Again, as stated above, we are STILL in this together!!! Please be patient with our decisions, changes, notifications, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at