Mamie’s Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. We are prepared to continue to make your “buds” tingle with our tasty hand-crafted food from our cafe. 

Mamie’s Bakery is running the same normally.  
Hot doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies are here and ready for purchase. Our famous yeast doughnuts are on special for only $10 a dozen. p/s All kinds of our doughnuts freeze great! 
Why not keep some in your freezer?

Our full ESPRESSO BAR is also open to provide you with that much needed JOLT of caffeine. Iced, frozen, and hot lattes available.

We are putting some responsible actions on you as our customers. If more than 10 people are inside when you look through our extra large windows upon your arrival, would you please wait a minute or two for someone to check out and leave? 

Lunch Features:
Italian Beef Dip Sandwiches – braised and shredded roast beef, cheese, hot peppers, and “dip” on the side

Beef Barley Soup

Bakery Open Breakfast and Lunch To-Go

Fresh Glazed Doughnuts

$10 a dozen



The good news is all of our products are made fresh daily and if you woud like to buy extra, they freeze very well.

Our huge over stuffed omelettes are a meal for two people or two meals. They warm up fantastic. As a matter of fact, almost all of our meals are enough for two people or two meals.


Be watching for our homemade chicken pies to be available for purchase in the next day or two. You would just bake it at home. We are thinking of different menu items to be offered such as a TURKEY DINNERS TO-GO. Keep watching our posts.

All of our coffees are available for purchase to brew at home. 

Today’s Lunch Features:

Pimento Cheeseburgers

Spinach Artichoke Soup


As of right now, nothing is going to change at Mamie’s except we will pack your order in to-go boxes for you to have a picnic breakfast, lunch or coffee and doughnuts in a beautiful REMOTE location in our cove area or at your home. By nature, we are a great area to social distance yourself and your family. Only the DINE-IN part of Mamie’s is affected. The bakery will still be open for a variety of baked goods but we will have them pre-packaged or pack them up for you.

As we were researching what other cafe and bakeries were doing in response to the health crisis, we discovered a statement from Montclair Bread Co. and we could not have said it any better ourselves…….
“We are STILL in this together.
We’re just going to stand a little further apart.”

We will limit the number of customers in Mamie’s cafe, please use your best judgment. If you look in the large windows and you feel like there are too many people to allow the recommended 6 foot social distancing, wait for some people to leave.

We STRONGLY encourage you to place your orders ahead or you may continue to come in and order to-go. If you prefer curb service, we will be glad to bring the food to your car.

This could all change very quickly, we are getting the same information that you are. Again, as stated above, we are STILL in this together!!! Please be patient with our decisions, changes, notifications, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at mamiescafe@embarqmail.com

Gov. Tom Wolf has announced the closing of DINE-IN SIDE OF RESTAURANTS in 5 counties. I believe that it will be only a matter of days that it will involve the whole state. 

WHEN THIS MANDATE IS PLACED UPON US, Valerie and I have made the decsion to continue to stay open on a TAKE-OUT ONLY BASIS. You can call in your order for breakfast, lunch, douhgnuts, sticky buns, baked goods, and drinks, we will take your card number, give you and approximate time for pick up and carry your order to your vehicle. The logistics of how we find you in your vehicle are going to be a work in progress as we begin this process. 

It will be very important to support your local food establishments during these next few weeks. 

Mamie’s is a DESTINATION FOOD ESTABLISHMENT. We have partrons traveling great distances daily for a “Mamie’s Cafe and Bakery” food experience. To these customers, we ask that you still get in you car, call in your order, we will bring your order to your vehicle, and go have a picnic breakfast, lunch or coffee and doughnuts in a beautiful REMOTE location in our cove area. By nature, we are a great area to social distance yourself and your family. 

We are also talking of extended early evening hours,if necessary, to work through these trying times. 

Thank you! We hope to continue to see and hear from all of our great customers over the next few weeks and pray this situation gets under control quickly. Karen and Val

Peep show doughnuts are back! 

All-American BBQ Sloppy Joes and fries
Soup- White Chicken Chili

We are open…

Questioning if we are open?

-We’re open for business—Based on guidance we’ve received and increased measures we’ve taken to keep our business as clean and safe as ever, we remain committed to staying open for you. We are thinking about the safest ways for our customers to be customers. We encourage you to support us and your other local small businesses during this time.
-We can take your order over the phone and have it ready for you to pick up.
-We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization within our facility.  
-We are offering to box your doughnuts up for you. We have an order sheet available, if needed. Extra gloves are available for your use if needed.

We are OPEN.

Last Pizza Day….

Last pizza day until the snow flies again (or we get hungry for pizza and want to sweat our butts off ???). Call ahead to reserve your crusts. 814-793-9122. Thanks everyone for a great Brick Oven Pizza Season.

Ramping up for summer


Mamie’s Cafe and Bakery is looking for part time employees. PERIODIC SATURDAYS is the day needed at the present time but with busy summer approaching, other weekdays would be available. A perk to taking on the job is that we feed you while you are at work! 

Retired persons often mention that they would like to “keep sharp and busy after retirement”. These jobs would keep you on your toes but would be rewarding. 

College students, do you need and want a summer job? 

One of these positions may be for you.  
Position #2 KITCHEN HELP

Please private message Mamie’s or the BEST OPTION…stop in an intoduce yourself and pick up an application.

Today’s Lunch Features:
Cream of Tomato Soup
Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich on grilled cinnamon raisin bread with cheese. lettuce, tomato and onion