Wednesday Lunch Features

Barry and Haley with a GRAND CANYON MESS coming off of the grill. Tons of fried potatoes, shaved rib-eye steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, eggs, queso cheese and special seasoning. TWO PIECES OF HOMEMADE BREAD TOASTED ALSO!

Today’s Lunch Features:

Italian Grill Sandwich and Chicken BLT SOUP.

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Monday Lunch Feature

Something GOOD is happening at Mamie’s. Fresh prepared food!

Today’s lunch feature :

Tomato Basil Jam Hamburger. A 1/2 lb. burger, sharp provolone cheese, our own tomato jam, fresh onion, on housemade bun.

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Thursday Lunch Features

Cotswold* Cheeseburger with a big slice of fresh onion

*The taste of Cotswold is creamy, buttery, sweet and mild yet full-flavoured like cheddar. The savory taste of chives and onions gives it that extra zing.(taken from

Mushroom Barley Soup

Oh yeah…..Our Spring cookies are looking colorful and tasty!

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