“Hole -y Moly” it doesn’t take a special day to get a FREE taste of a Mamie’s Doughnut!
We have FREE doughnut holes for tasting everyday at Mamie’s (while the supply lasts).

Friday June 7th – National Doughnut Day
Celebrate with Mamie’s

Come and get some of the best damn doughnuts you will ever taste! 

Hot Fresh doughnuts beginning at 6 a.m.  
P/S You can order ahead for a fast Grab and Go

Old Fashioned Yeast
Over 18 flavors of “OVER STUFFED” filled

Wednesday Features

It’s moments like this that make it worth it. 😍

Wednesday features- 
spinach artichoke soup 

Patty Melt Sandwiches- 2 thin seasoned burger patties, topped with cheese and mayo in between two slices of homemade grilled rye!

Tuesday Lunch Features

It is always fun to meet the next generation of “Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich” eaters!
Congrats Ritchey’s!
Lunch Features:
Beer Can Chicken Sandwich
Loaded Baked Potato Soup


Friday Lunch Features

Yesterday I watched a TV segment that had a barista making a frozen latte. He used a powdered “binder” in his recipe. Mamie’s doesn’t use a powder “binder” we use good, old fashioned HEAVY CREAM! and of course what ever flavoring you want:)

Lunch Features:

Grilled Glazed Salmon Salad

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup with a splash of sherry

Thursday Lunch Feature

If you don’t like to be called names….. then keep getting your food at glorified gas stations and fast food joints.

Here at Mamie’s we want to get to know you and your name……even if it is:
“iced caramel latte girl”
Annette and Horace – the “BEE” people
“Sausage – Raystown Lake” customers
Lexi and Conner 
“cute little lady that is always “dressed” that gets 1/2 an order of pancakes”
The Specks – Kim
(Mrs. Speck actually takes the time to call us when something isn’t just good – but tells us it’s “WONDERFUL!”)
An order a day – “Durb” 🙂
And so many more!

Fantastic Breakfast – Coffees – Latte Bar – 
Bakery – Cafe

Lunch Features:

Special request from Kay – Dill Pickle Grilled Cheese

Memorial Day Weekend – Welcome Back!

We’ve missed you 🙁

Welcome back all of you Raystown Lake visitors! 

It is always nice to see your happy faces again as you begin your summer traditions of coming to Mamie’s for great food and drinks. Thanks for all of your business in advance. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

The “Works!!!”

Breakfast – Lunch – Bakery- Latte Bar

Lunch Features:

All American Sloppy Joe and Fresh Cut Fries

Italian Wedding Soup

Thursday Lunch Feature

Lunch Feature Sandwich:

Fresh Broccoli Chicken Cheese Sandwich

Mamie’s is in search of a part time baker. 3 days a week. Mixing doughs, baking cookies and cakes, mixing fillings, apple dumplings, etc…..You will be working for a small business so you must be reliable and come to work when scheduled. Please note: This position isn’t just a summer job. It will be year round. Message Valerie Wyland Prough or I if you are interested or know any one that may be as we are a growing business and really need some more help.