Gov. Tom Wolf has announced the closing of DINE-IN SIDE OF RESTAURANTS in 5 counties. I believe that it will be only a matter of days that it will involve the whole state. 

WHEN THIS MANDATE IS PLACED UPON US, Valerie and I have made the decsion to continue to stay open on a TAKE-OUT ONLY BASIS. You can call in your order for breakfast, lunch, douhgnuts, sticky buns, baked goods, and drinks, we will take your card number, give you and approximate time for pick up and carry your order to your vehicle. The logistics of how we find you in your vehicle are going to be a work in progress as we begin this process. 

It will be very important to support your local food establishments during these next few weeks. 

Mamie’s is a DESTINATION FOOD ESTABLISHMENT. We have partrons traveling great distances daily for a “Mamie’s Cafe and Bakery” food experience. To these customers, we ask that you still get in you car, call in your order, we will bring your order to your vehicle, and go have a picnic breakfast, lunch or coffee and doughnuts in a beautiful REMOTE location in our cove area. By nature, we are a great area to social distance yourself and your family. 

We are also talking of extended early evening hours,if necessary, to work through these trying times. 

Thank you! We hope to continue to see and hear from all of our great customers over the next few weeks and pray this situation gets under control quickly. Karen and Val

Peep show doughnuts are back! 

All-American BBQ Sloppy Joes and fries
Soup- White Chicken Chili