Thursday Lunch Feature

If you don’t like to be called names….. then keep getting your food at glorified gas stations and fast food joints.

Here at Mamie’s we want to get to know you and your name……even if it is:
“iced caramel latte girl”
Annette and Horace – the “BEE” people
“Sausage – Raystown Lake” customers
Lexi and Conner 
“cute little lady that is always “dressed” that gets 1/2 an order of pancakes”
The Specks – Kim
(Mrs. Speck actually takes the time to call us when something isn’t just good – but tells us it’s “WONDERFUL!”)
An order a day – “Durb” 🙂
And so many more!

Fantastic Breakfast – Coffees – Latte Bar – 
Bakery – Cafe

Lunch Features:

Special request from Kay – Dill Pickle Grilled Cheese