Tuesday Lunch Features

Credit to George for helping us upcycle 1.2 tons of coffee grounds this year so far……
“Not bad for a coffee shop that really isn’t just a coffee shop!”
– George

Tuesday Lunch Features:

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Brie Cheese, Peach Jam, Basil Grilled Cheese – with provolone and balsamic reduction

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Full Moon Friday

It’s STICKY FINGER chicken sandwich day – YUM!
breaded chicken, sweet and spicy sauce, lettuce, tomato
and red onion

Crab Mushroom Soup

Our watermelon cut out cookies are perfect for picnic season as a dessert item.

Come get your fresh STICKY BUNS for the weekend

There is an abundance of fresh sweet corn and vegetables in the cove this year – take a drive to visit all of the farm markets around us.

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Thursday Lunch Features

Full moon lunar eclipse have you feeling a bit
BAJIGITTY (#wierd#trippy#not right#ab-normal#creepy)?
The full moon energy, overall, is perfect for pursuing your dreams and putting into action things you’ve been wanting to do for some time. A lunar eclipse is even more energy being released for our goals.

So, while enjoying the unusual color of our moon on the 27th, feel all the possibilities that come with the full moon on that day and take advantage of those ‘what ifs’….LIKE….
What if I went to Mamie’s Cafe for a funky, fun breakfast?

What if I went to Mamie’s Cafe for a Frozen Mocha with real whipped cream?

What if I went to Mamie’s Cafe for a pimento cheeseburger with bread and butter pickles ?

What if I went to Mamie’s Cafe for one of the best doughnuts you would eat anywhere in the universe?

Turn your ‘What ifs ‘ into lets just do it! See you here:) during this cosmic event!

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Image may contain: food

Tuesday Lunch Features

Voting ends soon – please vote today!
Tuesday lunch Features:
Minnesota Wild Rice Soup
Slow Roasted Italian Beef Dip Sandwich with Sharp Provolone Cheese
Add some of our hot peppers?

Monday Lunch Features…

It’s CHILI in here!!!!….

Chili Cheese Burger
1/2 lb. Fresh Burger with Shredded Cheddar, Sweet n Spicy Chili, Sour Cream & Red Onion

White Chicken Chili!


Keep those sweet votes coming!!!….

Friday Lunch Features


Ballot boxes and bakery boxes — both are better when they’re stuffed full. So keep voting for your favorite bakery to be named Sweetest Bakery in America 2018. Help them gain local and national recognition by voting online, once per day per device and in-store.
So cast your vote, again and again!

Voting ends soon – please vote today!

Friday Features:

Fresh, Local Summer Garden Vegetable Soup

Roast Beef or Turkey Panini Your choice of meat, sharp cheese, homemade pickled peppers and onions, and homemade sun-dried tomato mayo sauce

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